RadioShack Compact 13.8V/3.5A Power Supply

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Apr 29, 2006

I was in both of my two remaining Radio Shacks recently and I noticed that in one of them they had a RadioShack Compact 13.8V/2A Power Supply I was somewhat interested in it because I have an older 1 amp power supply that plugs in the wall, but it simply isn't enough current for some of my devices that I might want to use. So, when I saw the 2 amp version in the store, I almost bought it on impulse. However, the Radio Shack stores have a no return policy in effect, so I held off buying it.

Earlier today, I was looking at the Radio Shack website and I noticed that they also have a 3.5 amp for $7.00 more. To me, that sort of seems like a "no-brainer" to get the 3.5 amp version, instead of the 2 amp version, for $7.00 more.

Anyway, before I make the purchase, I am just wondering if anybody here happens to know of any similar power outlets that plug in the wall that offers more than 3.5 amp. The internet search that I have done so far, indicate that any power supplies of more current than this are not devices that plug in the wall. They are stand alone boxes with a cord that plug into the 120 volt outlet.

So, are there any, that are this compact, that are more than 3.5 amps?


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Jul 27, 2005
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Yeah, 3.5 amps will run an unmodified CB, a few scanners, that's about it.

If you want to invest in a 12 volt power supply, spend the extra and get one that'll run an amateur radio, or something larger, just in case your interests change. 15 amp or better will run most 50 watt or less radios.

Even if you never get a transceiver, it'll power all your stuff pretty easily.

Then again, that $19.99 model that Slicer linked to ain't a bad deal.
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