RadioShack Pro 95 NEWBIE

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Jan 17, 2010
Hey everyone I am new to scanner world.. I have had my scanner for sometime now and had someone program it for me about 4 yrs ago. But now I want to learn more about it and what it can do. I finally found this site and have gotten alot of information and I thank all of you for your help. But I have one question that is driving me nuts.. I have RR on my Blackberry for suffolk county and it get alot more action then my scanner does. i guess I dont have the right frenquency set in my scanner. But I entered all the codes possible. I was wondering if anyone can help me get the codes my blackberry is using from RR so i can imput them into my PRO95.
I am in the Medford area. So I would like all of Medford, Coram, Patchogue ect.. anything you guys think will benefit my scanner experence. Also if I posted in the wrong area I am sorry, I am new to all of this.. thank you again
Not open for further replies.