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Dec 12, 2009
King County
RATA == Returning After Time Away :) ...located in King County, Washington.

Hello. I'm a CompSci nerd which makes me vulnerable to gadgets with flashing LEDs, Computer/Gadget interfacing, and basically any electronics with that new injected plastic smell.

My first scanner was a BC200XLT. Bought it fresh in late 80's, loved it. Carried it around everywhere (even with the whole crappy battery issue), specially when we were out in our motor cars, you know, to listen for......WX reports ;o)

Unfortunately, a few years ago, the 200 stopped receiving (appears to scan, but never picks anything up, story for a different post), and busy schedule put the hobby asleep for awhile.

This year I got tasked with figuring out "What's the best scanner?" as a Christmas gift for a family member ...being a gadget/tech nerd, folks don't realize that's like "Hey fatty! (which I also am), can you go to the candy store and see what I should get?"

This site and all the ancillary links have been great resources for the research, though I knew it would happen that I'd end up having to get a replacement for myself.

So, BC346XT for them, BCD396XT for me. So far, have a lot of King, Snohomish, Skagit, and Whatcom county programmed. LOTS going on tonight (New Years Eve :))

Really like FreeSCAN. LOVE the fact that you can control these scanners with simple COM/Serial commands (check out Portmon for Windows while FreeSCAN or other real-time app is controlling the scanner).

Guess that's enough blather from me :)

Terrific site!!!


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Nov 5, 2002
The BCD396XT and Freescan are a fantastic combo. :cool:

Welcome back to the hobby and welcome to RadioReference MrJimmo :)
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