RCI 2950 Half Working


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Jul 3, 2007
I have a RCI-2950 new version which I had in the computer room for some company to listen to while I was doing a few things. I hooked it up and went to turn the radio on and it was half like working, it did work when I last had it on which has been awhile. The radio has never been in a car or talked on, as I always do it has been disconnected from antenna and power when not in use. I looked around on the web to see if anyone had the same symptoms, but nothing jumped out at me.

I can hear it power on, relay engage (with a click) power on and power off, but no beep when it powers on. I can hear the change in the speaker as I go through the modes, static clicks like. With that said there is no display, no backlight leds or keypad leds on the front. So it is like half working. Any ideas on what I can look for.