RCM Mt. Hope incorrect channel


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Dec 10, 2015
For the RCM trunk, site 1 (Sanford/Hope Mtn.), the frequency for channel 02 is listed as 151.9825, but this is not a valid channel in the bandplan and not licensed to anyone, anywhere.

It also says the license for that site is WPQB937 (which contains channels #01 – 152.9825 and #05 – 151.5725, as well as 151.9700, 152.9000, and 152.9300). WPSR407 should also be added for that site, as it contains channels #03 – 151.6700 and #04 – 152.4050, as well as 151.9700 (duplicating WPQB937), 152.3825, 152.9675, and 153.5675. These are the only two licenses for RCM on high band at that site.

In summary:
  • Channel 02 – 151.9825 – is almost certainly wrong. Perhaps someone local can monitor the system to determine the correct frequency.
  • I believe WPSR407 should be added to the site, as it contains two of the channels that WPQB937 does not.
  • There are six more channels on the two licenses that could be researched.