re, DOC Stanley correctional system (MOT type 2, Splinter band plan or standard?

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Jun 3, 2008
hey there, i`m about to program the above referenced MOT type 2 trunked system into my scanner, what i need to know is, can anyone tell me if the Department of Corrections Stanley MOT system is an 800MHZ Standard or a Splinter system, and does that setting matter all that much? I want to make sure i get this right. Thanks! N9NRA P.S. This system is the Stanley Correctional Institution Motorola type 2 system. Additional info, the freqs are, 856.48750, 858.48750, 589.48750, and 860.48750. Thanks for the help all!

Actually what i should`ve asked is, how do i program this system i referenced in this post (Stanley Correctional Instution), what setting should i use, 800MHZ Standard or 800MHZ splinter? My scanner is a BCD396T. Sorry for not clairifying what i need to know. N9NRA
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