re: MARS/PC-ALE Radio Control Library Update

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Jun 30, 2013
Hendersonville, NC
re: MARS/PC-ALE Radio Control Library Update

Hello All,

I am currently working on updates for both ALE baselines to include the Radio Control Libraries and I have also mapped out a DLL-RADIO model with an example C++ (pretty much any language can be used) project for programmers to create their own radio specific Dynamic Link Library (DLL) drivers for any radio model not directly supported by my radio control library.

At present over 4 dozen specific receiver models are supported, where the recently added Alinco DXSR8T selection should control the DX-R8T and where all the outstanding AOR models, Rockwell 95S-1 series, Ten Tec RX400 and TT1254/KB1OIE planned for inclusion during this update cycle. The JRC NRD-630 docs are still required should anyone have them. Should there be any other receivers of interest to users here, please advise at to make/model and if possible please supply me with the required documentation or tell me where to get it. I will support any radio as long as any serial (including GPIB and other) protocol or TCP/IP is supported for remote control and where no use of radio specific libraries (.LIB, .DLL or other interfaces) are required. At this time there is no direct I/Q support in PC-ALE, but I do not rule that out down the road.

The AATU and ANT SW device support and libraries (which are being updated) found in MARS-ALE will be integrated into PC-ALE. In that regard I will be supporting the HEROS Preselector as a device within the AATU class of devices for control on a channel by channel basis as are the other devices. Then too the HEROS will be supported via the Man Machine Interface (MMI) for on-the-fly or Macro command and control when performing single channel monitoring as all other devices are supported. The external data modem support and updated internal data modem support from MARS-ALE will however not migrate to PC-ALE.

I have also fixed some minor bugs in the Radio Emulation (REM) Port support and addressed the issues with some 3rd Party Applications have when controlling Kenwood or ICOM radios, which is what the ALE baselines emulate via the REM port to the detail of a TS-480S or IC-746PRO. For anyone unfamiliar with the REM support, a 3rd party application using Com0Com or other VCP server and setup for Kenwood or ICOM radio control, can control any supported make/model radio in the ALE baselines for Frequency and Mode control when REM is configured for CAT Server vs. ALE mode (where CAT PTT is only supported after an ALE inlink state for two-way comms) operation. Thus software that does support a particular radio model by does support a Kenwood or ICOM model can be used to control the radio.

Also, I am willing to emulate a specific make/model receiver should there be a lot software tools being used for SIGINT intercept which have in common to some extent a particular receiver make/model where Kenwood or ICOM receivers are not supported. I really do not know what is the most popular receiver that all such tools are being coded to support these days. I myself still make use of my TCI-8174 for such pursuits. I was thinking that perhaps adding emulation for the WJ1000A/TT RX3xx ASCII command set would be a good idea? I ask this question as I do intend to develop a new application based to a large extent on the Radio Control Libraries (and DLL-RADIO) and the Radio Emulation CAT Server mode and other features of the ALE baselines that will be a stand alone "CAT Radio Bridge" which will offer more commonality of control as a subset of radio features across all supported radio make/models than just the Frequency, Mode and of course CAT PTT that is supported in the ALE baseline REM implementation when in CAT Server mode.

I created a new forum not to long for the user community PC-ALE documentation effort which is where the details of DLL-RADIO (preliminary information has already been posted) and other new developments will appear first, to include more PC-ALE v1.08 test builds with new features appearing first, see:

PCALEDOCS : PC-ALE Documentation Project

I look forward to any comments or questions on the topics herein, or any ALE tool bug reports to address, either direct or via the various forums.

/s/ Steve, N2CKH
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