Re-Post in AZ: Which Uniden do I need?

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Jul 10, 2014
Gilbert, AZ
So I want to get a scanner that picks up certain frequencies for the Phoenix Fire Department, the info i found on the internet that explains what kind they are, which Uniden do I need, thanks for your help?

Regional Wireless Cooperative (RWC) P25 Trunked Radio System

Talk Groups:
Agencies utilizing the RWC are assigned ranges of talk groups based on their operational needs. Primary operational non-secure talk group IDs are listed by discipline and agency.

Valley Fire Agencies
FIRE 1 (K01 Dispatch) 1795
FIRE 2 (K02) 1753
FIRE 3 (K03) 1786
FIRE 5 (K05) 1753
FIRE 6 (K06) 1615
FIRE 7 (K07) 1614
FIRE 8 (K08) 1613
FIRE 9 (K09) 1612
FIRE 10 (K10) 1611
FIRE 11 (K11) 1610
FIRE 12 (K12) 1609
FIRE 13 (K13) 1608
FIRE 14 (K14) 1607

Radio Scanners:
Conventional VHF and UHF scanners cannot receive RWC radio transmissions. Specialized receivers that can decode control channel information are required to receive trunked radio systems. There are several consumer-level scanners that can track and decode APCO-25 IMBE digital systems such as used with the RWC. P25 scanners are currently available from a few radio manufacturers. There may be additional products in development that may offer more choices in the relatively near future. The RWC does not endorse or recommend any particular manufacturer or scanner model.
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