Reading EDACS Radio IDs BC780XLT

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Jan 20, 2010
I am new to scanning and have lots to learn, so I apologize in advance for any seemingly silly questions!

Currently, I am using a BC780XLT to scan the Fire EDACS in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada. I am also an unofficial photographer for the Kitchener Fire Department. I found out recently that the Regional EDACS system is not equipped with a pager system for the city departments (Kitchener and Waterloo) so I am forced to listen to the scanner to pick up fire calls. Pagers work on the fire-tone system for the township volunteer departments, but the cities stations are dispatched directly. Because others in my household do not share my passion for listening to the scanner, I need a system to alert me (preferably via SMS or email) when a dispatch is sent out.

I’ve signed up for the email alert set up for the townships in Waterloo Region and the surrounding counties (TwoToneDetect) which use fire-tone and am amazed by the this system (

My question – is it possible to decode the data coming from the BC780XLT to a PC to pick up which Radio IDs are being used in any given exchange? For example, is it possible to read the data output from the radio to pick up Radio ID 6401 (Waterloo Dispatch) talking to 6205 (Waterloo Platoon Chief Car 23) and 6208 (Waterloo Pump 2)? The only time Dispatch would talk to these two radios at the same time would be in the event of a fire call. If this is the case, I would then be able to write a program similar to TwoToneDetect which would record a 30 second sound-bit and would send it in an email to my BlackBerry and to anyone else who is interested.

I would appreciate any help you can give me on this topic. I imagine I’m totally off the mark with my understanding of Radio ID, etc., but I’m hopeful there is something I can do.

Please feel free to reply directly to this thread, or if you’d like, you can email me at

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