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Mar 2, 2004
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I've downloaded the latest Unitrunker release: and placed it in a new directory.

I am trying to monitor a newly rebanded motorola system.
One of the problems are that I've never listened to this system in the past, because it was thought to be an LTR Passport system.

Now that we know its a Motorola system, we are trying to figure this thing out.

I can get Unitrunker to sit on the control channel, and give info on what groups are on the system. The problem that I have is, when I look at the channel list, it is all wrong.

Freq 853.3500 is coming up as LCN 533. But it was displaying the wrong frequency.
I modified the band plan to adjust for LCN 533 to sit on 853.3500, but now the next LCN that is being decoded is on the wrong frequency. I know this because the licensed call sign of WQCC333 is not licensed for the 2nd freq that Unitrunker is finding for this system (853.0000).

When I say I modified the band plan, I shifted the Base freq down, and changed step size from 25khz to 12.5khz. I think I goofed that up.

Anyway... long story short...... Can anyone school me on how to use Unitrucker to monitor a rebanded moto system?



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I actually haven't looked at UniTrunker in a bit, but shifting the base is not the way to get to the re-banded freqs. The re-banded ones are interleaved between the old ones using LCN's 440 through 559 with a base of 851.02500 and a step of 25 KHz.

Take a look at the recommended RS/GRE table setup and see if you can adapt UniTrunker to this.


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I saw a post on the Trunker list saying that the newest UT is rebanding capable. There should be a band setting somewhere. You have to delete all the freqs, enter in one in and it should go in to effect. I'm not sure where the rebanding options is located though.
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