Recording Questions

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Sep 28, 2009
hello all,
I have been using my radio for a few months now and have a coupla questions:
I leave it on record mode 24 hrs a day...and I notice that if there is a slight pause in the radio message the recording stops or cuts out..leaving many many truncated messages..Is there some kind of vox or delay setting I am not using? Maybe I need to set a delay on the channel in the scan list? I bet some of you have this figured out..
The other question involves when I stop the recording the radio asks if I want to delete x number of messages..if I say yes the wav files still appear on the card..Of course I can delete them by computer later but I am wondering if anyone knows if or how the delete recordings function works through the scanner interface.
I have the 436 and 536 both and really like the seems the audio output on the 436 is a little weak...anyone else feel this way? The remaining battery function indicator is kind of a mystery to what number does the radio actually shut down? Is there a setting where it shows a percentage or something easier to interpret?
Not open for further replies.