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Red Cross frequencies

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May 17, 2004
Ephrata, PA
I stumbled across a nifty article at www.freqofnature.com/frequencies/ca/redcross.html
regarding Ford Expedition emergency communications vehicles supplied to the Red Cross, dated from 2003. The writer seemed to be located in the Los Angeles area. In the case of most licenses, including those for the PA Red Cross chapters, they track back to Red Cross HQ in Falls Church, Virginia

Part of the frequency information is included below, with my notes on PA licenses found in ( )

VHF - Low Band Operations
Ch1 "red" Primary (Nationwide) 47.42 (many Red Cross licenses in PA, ERP 110 W)
Ch2 "black" Secondary 47.5 (no Red Cross licenses found in PA)
Ch3 "tan" alternate 47.46 (WPMI915 in Dauphin County, ERP 275 W)
Ch4 "yellow" backup 47.66 (no Red Cross licenses found in PA)
Ch5 "orange" tactical 1 47.54 (WPCQ990 in western York County, ERP 110 W)
Ch6 "blue" tactical 2 47.62 (WNUG880 in Lancaster County, ERP 120 W)
Ch7 "purple" tactical 3 47.58 (no Red Cross licenses found in PA)

VHF - High Band Operations
Ch 1 PRIMARY 155.16 (no Red Cross licenses found in PA)
Ch 2 SECONDARY 155.22 (no Red Cross licenses found in PA)
Ch 3 ALTERNATE 155.28 (WNYI220 in Scranton, ERP 90 W)
Ch 4 BACKUP 155.34 (no Red Cross licenses found in PA)
Ch 5 TACTICAL 155.4 (no Red Cross licenses found in PA)

Also 155.235, 154.515, 154.57, 154.6, 154.625 on VHF

During my research I also came across:
Hellam, York County WPQJ588 462.375/467.375, 464.5, 464.55, 451.2875, 451.7125/456.7125 and 452.0875/457.0875. I would speculate that these are UHF working frequencies, possibly part of a portable repeater system, for onsce operations or just simply for blood mobiles

I have found some, but not all, of these frequencies licensed to various chapters of the Red Cross in Penna. ARES has an understanding with the ARC to provide communications support, via inter-chapter frequencies often in the 146 MHz range and 147.42 as an onscene frequency. Would anyone care to comment on their channel set up and frequency use in Pennsylvania?
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