Red Flag scanner audio from July 2014

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Feb 1, 2004
This page has the instructions.
Red Flag Scanner Audio

If you know how to stream from VLC, here is the URL

Don't waste your time with anything other than VLC if you expect to see the metadata. Filename and frequency will appear at the top of VLC.

Frequencies monitored:

Zip file containing everything.

A text file of the playlist, just in the event the browser doesn't let you save the m3u file.

Regarding the content, the search and rescue exercise at the end is interesting. There were some minor problems like fuel leaks. Check the txt file to know which aac file has the audio.

I recorded this on a BCD436HP in the hills near the NTTR, so this isn't the usual stuff you hear in Vegas.

I have a lot more audio, but I need a way of automating this procedure of removing the meta data from the 436 wav files. I have some scripts, but I really need to write a program to do this.
Not open for further replies.