RedHawk SDR development, deployment, and management Framework

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Mar 2, 2011
RedHawk SDR development, deployment, and management Framework

Searching here @ RR returns no hits on "RedHawk', so here is a new Thread.

From their Page (as permitted by their CC License):

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Chapter 1

REDHAWK is a software framework designed to support the design, development, deployment, management, upgrade, and recycling of real-time distributed applications.

To support the design and development of software applications, REDHAWK provides tools that allow development and testing of software modules, or “Components”. In addition, REDHAWK provides tools to facilitate composure of Components into “Waveforms” that can be seamlessly deployed as “Applications” on a single host computer or a network-enabled system of computers.

Deployment, management, and upgrade of real-time distributed applications is supported by providing a runtime environment.

The runtime environment can:

  • Deploy Components to different computers on a network.
  • Support processing hardware hot-swapping.
  • Manage colliding software dependencies.
  • Manage constrained/specialized hardware resources.
  • Reduce the configuration burden on remote computing hardware.
  • Coordinate the sharing of limited hardware resources between different applications.
Finally, REDHAWK supports the recycling of applications by establishing strong boundaries between processing stages and providing an integration path for existing libraries into the REDHAWK infrastructure.

1.1 Benefits of Using REDHAWK

REDHAWK provides the following benefits when used in a computing system:

  • Defines patterns for integrating existing libraries into a common framework.
  • Enables seamless deployment of software applications to one or more computing resources.
  • Decouples specialized hardware from processing algorithms; this allows processing algorithms to be easily ported to new platforms.
  • Supports language agnosticism, allowing appropriate languages to be used for various aspects of the system.
  • Decouples processing software from the User Interface (UI), allowing for any number of custom UIs to operate with the same underlying Core Framework.
  • Supports metadata-tagging of data streams.
  • Supports precision-time-stamping of data Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Provides a powerful and flexible Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on the extensible Eclipse framework.
  • Supports dynamic inter-connection of modules, allowing redirection of data flow during runtime.
  • Provides a data transport mechanism optimized for signal processing applications.
1.2 What Systems May Benefit from Using REDHAWK?

A hardware/software system may benefit from the use of REDHAWK if it:

  • Deals with multiple specialized hardware platforms but with a single software application.
  • Integrates multiple disparate libraries into a single solution space.
  • Emphasizes signal processing development rather than system software development.
  • Distributes its software algorithms to more than one piece of hardware.
  • Partitions development between geographically-separated teams.
  • Supports shifting support work from the development team to a support team.
  • Supports shifting deployment work from the development team to a deployment team.
1.3 Relationship to the SCA

REDHAWK adopts a significant number of concepts from the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) (specifically, version 2.2.2). As a result, the SCA specification is a very useful piece of supplemental reading to the REDHAWK documentation. By convention, this document capitalizes terms defined in the SCA glossary, such as Device and Application, as well as terms defined in the glossary of this document.
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REDHAWK Documentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

IE: It does a lot. If you are planning on making a bunch of kits and releasing your own Firmware or want an advanced alternative to GnuRadio this is it.

Here is an example Platform that the Manufacturer claims runs both GnuRadio or RedHawk Applications.


Dec 25, 2008
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Sorry, I lost interest at the first sentence.

REDHAWK is a software framework designed to support the design, development, deployment, management, upgrade, and recycling of real-time distributed applications.


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For **** sake does everything have to be Linux? I now have to learn an entirely new to me operating system to run anything anymore. It's like waking up in 1993 and DOS is king again.


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While I "get" what this is purporting and hoping to be, it sure seems awfully... well... out of the league of most people's interest overall I think (but not quite sure). From a technical standpoint one could look at GNU Radio itself as the same type of basic framework where everything is added to it in a modular software manner, I suppose.

I'm looking over this now and I still don't quite get the intended purpose, go figure.
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