Regina EMS Changes

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Dec 19, 2002
Regina, Saskatchewan
Below is a link to a July 30, 2008 Leader Post article describing some moves and changes with Regina EMS. Basically, the old Station 1 on Saskatchewan Drive has now been closed, and they have moved into the old Capital Pontiac building on the 1300 block of Albert Street. The old car dealership will be used for their new headquarters. The building is very large, and can store a lot of emergency vehicles and equipment, as well as allowing for lots of office space. It will allow Regina EMS to store all of their vehicles and equipment there. Currently, the MERV bus (used for multiple casualty incidents) and other disaster equipment is stored at third party locations (e.g. the MERV bus is stored in the Sask Transportation Corp garage). Having all of the disaster equipment in the HQ building will speed up the process of getting the bus and other vehicles and equipment on the scene of a disaster.

Another change is the addition of a SE geo-post at 17th Avenue and Rothwell. The building isn't there yet, so they will operate out of an RV type trailer on site until the building is finished. One ambulance will be stationed there for quicker response to the south east part of the city.

There are other interesting tidbits in the article:

Just to add to the confusion, over the air, the use of station numbers has been discontinued. The new headquarters building is "Central". The new geopost in the south east is "South East". The former Station 3 on Hill Avenue is "South", and I think Station 2 on Rochdale would be called "North West", but I haven't heard it mentioned yet on the air.

As far as I know, the EMS Communications Centre hasn't moved. It's still up on Avonhurst.

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