Remember: 'Waldbaum Fire' 1978 6 LOD deaths

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Oct 5, 2011
New York City - The Big Apple
I stumbled upon a Youtube video of this fire that I all had but forgotten about since I was a 9 year old kid.... I am asking, does anyone else remember this???

In South Brooklyn a supermarket called Waldbaum's (then under construction) caught fire and 6 firemen died when the roof fell. Worst loss of life since between 1966 and the jihad attack of 2001. Near three dozen other firemen were injured trying to rescue the other men. Some wives were at the scene when their husbands fell.

I was 9 years old and went over to see the big smoke and fire from our house 2 blocks away. I remember there were a million people on the street, on a street where there are never people (Ocean Ave .and Ave. Y). Looking it up today, at a 5 alarm, it seems there would have been some 20 engines, 11 ladders, 5 chiefs and 9 other apparatus. That is without all the cops, ambulances (tons!), and all the civilians. It was a sea of people in all four directions, that I remember.

Here is the link: Waldbaum Fire August 2, 1978.mpg - YouTube

Also, some guy made nice memorial site here: Waldbaum Fire | The Company Officer


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