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Remember your CB radio call sign?


Sep 11, 2009
Central KS
My Dad's No. was KB00063.. that's what he passed on to me.. but when I was on the radio the License wasn't needed any longer so I used the numbers every once in a while but most of the time I mainly use my call sign *Snowman.*

It was neat to here all the CB lingo if you were going to Ft.Worth,TX you were going to Cow-town if your were going to KC you were going to bright-lights.. There are many more.. I listed some links here to see the many more..of them.:p K-bear

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Apr 4, 2004
Slightly NE of the People's Republic of Firestone
Hmmmmm... Finally found my much faded first license... 15W1132. (At least that is what SWMBO says it reads after all the years it's been in storage. {GRIN!}) Still looking for the others I had issued to me over the years though, I also remember that I also had KNE1755 because I just happened to end up living in an appartment building who's address also happened to be 1755 at the time it was issued. (I had actually managed to score one of the 2 apartments that had easy access to the roof of the building and the owner actually gave me permission to put up my antenna! [Just try *that* these days!])


Premium Subscriber
Dec 25, 2001
Duplin County, NC
class A KAC-1261
Class D KQC-9621
had a class c cant remember it but it had 4letters and 4 numbers

step father had KZX-1122