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remote keying cdm 1250

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Jun 15, 2009
concord nc
hello all i have a question that i hope someone out there can answer without too much trouble ... i wanted to ask here before i went to soldering!!

I have a wired intercom station that i want to use to key a cdm1250. I have built various repeaters and am very familiar with the accy connector of the cdm's ... i would even try a vox setup but have never been too impressed with its reliability it never seems to work 100% of the time ...

so with that said here is directly from the manual of my intercom base station:

"There are internal pull-up resistors on the CH 3 and CH 4 key outputs. Pressing the CH 3 or CH 4
talk button will result in a logic high to low transition at the corresponding key output. (Logic
high is approximately 13 VDC; Logic low is less than 2 VDC.) There are no internal pull-up
resistors on the CH 1 and CH 2 key outputs. These outputs will “float” until externally loaded."

my question is can i with no harm to the radio wire either key outputs of any of the channels to the cor input of the radio pin 3 if i'm not mistaken i don't have the pinout in front of me ... and use this to key the radio when the channel talk buttons are depressed ??


second question -- i also have a xpr8300 trbo repeater used in analog mode at times ... can i use the same setup to key this repeater as well ??? because the install guide states 5v ptt input as pin 17 but i am warry of too much voltage applied to the circuit ??? i don't want to harm the radio ...

ok thanks guys

and i posted this over on batlabs as well so if i get an answer there i'll put here for anyone else who may have ever had a similar question Thanks !!!
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