Remote Mounting the 536 w/ WiFi

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Sep 26, 2004
I plan to install a 536 in the trunk of my vehicle, with no traditional button laden control head up front in the cabin for prying eyes to see. I will simply dock my tablet whilst in my vehicle, controlling the 536 via the awesome WiFi link. I always remove my tablet when I leave my vehicle, as I step inside Starbucks, maybe 75 feet away from my parked car. With my 536 WiFi antenna appropriately mounted in my car, I will be able to continue listening to my 536, whilst sipping my Venti Latte (with ear buds on, of course, so as to not bother the other customers!). My tablet also controls the SDR ham radio in my trunk. Perhaps we may see a black box variant of the 536? I wonder how much lower the Uniden bill of materials would be for the 536, if they made a headless version? My guess is the control head represents a very significant chuck of its BOM. A headless variant would remove the incremental costs of the dedicated, hard wired controls, display, CH chassis, internal speaker, etc. Now, if that black box could also include MOTOTRBO decode capabilities…
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