Replace Optocom + R75 with PCR-2500? Thoughts?

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Jan 10, 2007
I currently use an Optocom & an Icom R75.
I am contemplating selling both & replacing with a nice new PCR2500...

Only couple things I am concerned about.
I like the Opto as it has Discriminator out built in as well as the RS232/Data Slicer.
I use the R75 for basic DX'ing & HF / Weather fax stuff (I use with SeaTTY & HRD).

Will I be able to do same with my PCR2500?

I primarily do everything using software (scanStar, HRD, ARC396, etc...)...
So a software controlled radio is fine, it will all be remotely controlled anyway (over internet).

Would it make sense to make this switch?
I would like to make some room on my desk (also would be nice to NOT need DB9 serial ports anymore, so USB control is cool).

How does the PCR2500 compare to the R75 for shortwave/DX stuff?
Note: I'm not expecting to beat a dedicated HF receiver but if it can do the basics, will work for me.

For the Opto, the above mentioned interfacing/decoding reasons are really only reason I still have it.
Other than that, it's antiquated, slow & totally lame without a software front end.
(I totally used to salivate over this radio though!)
No need for trunking (I also have a 396T), but I need the data interfacing.
Does the PCR2500 have a built in data tap for this, if no data slicer, I suppose I can still use an old OptoLinx right?

If other suggestion beside the PCR2500, please do tell.
I want to keep the cost between $500-$900.
I want a solid, good receiver that has dual tuners & cover from HF up to at least 1.2 ghz.
More interface i/o the better! Geek out!


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Jul 22, 2002
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Just my opinion here, but having 2 distinctly separate receivers is an advantage - you have flexibility. Yes, the 2500 can do multiple VFOs (if memory serves), but I suspect you will find that the R75's front end is far better at resisting overloading and has better selectivity, too (especially if you've added filters). From everything I've both seen and read, that is the achilles heel for the 2500, and is especially problematic if you put a good long antenna on it living near an urban area. It just isn't designed for it.
You didn't mention what antenna(s) you are using on the R75, so consider that carefully. You wouldn't want to hear Havana overloading all over the place on the 49mb at night - trust me, that's a fate I wouldn't wish on anyone, hi

Re data decoding - there are so many mods out there for discriminator taps that it's almost cheap at half the price to get a beat up old RS or Bearcat model and tap it. The Optocom's decoding came about at a time when such things were in their infancy, and not everyone wanted to be a Bill Cheek and poke around in their radios. I suspect you would still need either a serial connection (or in some cases, just a soundcard connection) to feed the PC - you didn't say what mode(s) you were decoding - but I suspect you've already considered this. YMMV

73 Mike
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