Replacement scanner suggestions for a suburban MA listener

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Mar 4, 2008
Hi, folks. Long time since I've been here. Sorry to post what must be the millionth of these kinds of message, but since I'm here in MA (Framingham), thought it made the most sense to post this question here rather than to the general forums, since I figured you folks would know more about what kind of scanner makes sense in our state.

Anyway, over the years I've owned many scanners. Right now my main scanner is a Home Patrol 1. I also have a Pro-162, but it no longer receives MA state trunking.

I love the ease of use of the HP, especially the ability to load a database via zip code, and I love its ability to update via accessing the RadioReference database. However, I find that with my simple antennas, including the RS800, its reception was never as good as the Pro-162 or even the GRE-500 I once had. It doesn't pick up the MA state police that well, Boston police and fire on UHF are hit or miss. I also don't like the fact that it doesn't seem have a "2-second delay" after a transmission ends to pick up a response.

Given that P25 Phase 2 is coming to Worcester, I'm thinking of getting a new scanner that has both, even though P25 isn't used all that much in my listening range. I'm really a fan of the Home Patrol, but I wouldn't necessarily be against getting the 436HP if it offered better reception while stiff offering the same zip code entry ease. Or even one of the Whistler scanners if they offer the same programming and updating ease.

I'm really mainly interested in monitoring "public service" and commercial stuff. Hams and other hobbyist things don't interest me.

I can certainly live with the HP-1 as it is. Just wondering whether I'll get better features and performance by upgrading, given what's potentially "listenable to" in my area.

Thanks in advance!
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