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May 12, 2008
Sorry in advance for this solicitation. I am a reporter with the Washington Post. I am researching an article about people who listen to police scanners in Montgomery County. I'd very much like to speak with people who do this. I can be reached at 301-738-1583 or Thanks, and sorry again to interrupt your discussions.


Jan 19, 2003
Howard County
The opinions expressed below are mine. These opinions are based on my 40 years of listening to public service radio. I am also an amateur radio operator.

Scanner listeners are a law abiding, civic-minded, and conscientious community of people from all walks of life. Our hobby is understood by few, so I can understand your reason for doing this story.
A lot of us are amateur radio operators. A hobby understood by many, but appreciated by few. We view it as more that just a hobby, but sometimes as a necessity.

A scanner can be fun to listen to. I personally like to listen to fire-ground operations. It allows me to learn how the different teams utilize various tactics when performing a rescue and fighting a fire. A scanner can provide a unique insight to what goes on in a community. I’ve grown to appreciate more and more, what a police officer deals with day after day.

Some of us also enjoy listening to aircraft, commercial and military. There are NASCAR fans who take their scanners to the races to listen to the drivers and the pit crews.

Those are the good, and fun reasons to have a scanner.

Unfortunately, there are deviants in our society who see the scanner as a tool to enhance their criminal activities.
I personally, do not want to participate in "educating" the Washington Post community about scanners in a newspaper article.
Those legitimately interested in the hobby are aware of the resources available to them.

I mean no disrespect to you as a journalist, but in my opinion, a newspaper article, describing all the capabilities of a relatively inexpensive scanner, will be a disservice to the law enforcement community and as a result, the public.

Feel free to PM me with any further comments or questions.

Not open for further replies.