Req for PSR500 save file for Central OH MARCS

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Jun 22, 2004
Columbus, OH
Hi Folks,

I've had the GRE PSR500 for a few years now, and I've always been unsure if I have it's channels/banks optimally setup for MARCS in my area (I'm in Dublin). If you happen to have a more-or-less up-to-date save from ARC-500 or Win500 that you'd be willing to share, I'd be grateful if you could post it.

While I'm at it, every once in a while I travel down 23 down to Scioto County, and again, I'm just not sure how to program this thing to make sure I'm getting everything I should be. Should I try to put in all sites between here and there (which, with talkgroups, seriously pushes the memory limits of this scanner), or am I going to be better off setting up a separate V-Scanner profile for home, on the road between the two locations, and the destination?

I miss the days of my Bearcat 140.
(Holy #%*@, I just realized that was just about 25 years ago!)
Not open for further replies.