resetting pro 135

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Nov 9, 2006
Macomb, Michigan
Here you go. This is from the manual itself.
Resetting your Scanner
If the scanner’s display locks up or stops operating
properly, you might need to reset the scanner.
Caution: This procedure clears all the information
you have stored in the scanner. Before you reset
the scanner, try turning it off and on again to see if
it begins working properly. Reset the scanner only
when you are sure it is not working properly.
1. Turn off the scanner.
2. While holding down 2, 9 and PSE, turn on the
scanner. CLEAr appears for about 2 seconds
as the scanner clears its memory.
Note: Do not turn off the scanner again
until CLEAr disappears. Otherwise, the
scanner might not clear its memory
Follow these steps to restore the 150 preprogrammed
frequencies stored in the private bank.
1. Make sure your scanner is turned off.
2. Press 3 and ENT/PGM simultaneously while
turning on the scanner. After several seconds,
the scanner restores the frequencies.

Hope this helps.
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