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Dec 19, 2016
Well just in time for the holidays/Christmas, Larry & Gayle Van Horn
released a new edition of the information rich ICS Handbook (now 5th
edition), available for download on Amazon in Kindle book format (kindle
reading software is available for free download to any computer IF you
don't have a kindle) for just $7.49.


My kindle tells me that it would take over 11 hours to read all the
information presented in this book. It is extremely comprehensive and
covers what we as monitoring hobbyists would need to enhance our
monitoring experience. The Kindle search function makes it relatively
easy to find the information you are looking for. Here is what is
covered in the handbook per the table of contents:

Chapter 1 -- Introduction to Call Signs, Station ID & Call Signs, Quick
Guide to Department of Defense Call Signs.

Chapter 2 -- DOD Daily Changing Tactical Call Signs (DOD Tactical A to
Z), Defense Logistics Agency, Dept of Military Affairs, Joint Chief of
Staff Code Words.

Chapter 3 -- US Air Force (USAF) Call Signs, AF Voice Call Sign Standard
Procedures, Unit Specific Call Signs Notes, USAF Call Signs (USAF A to
Z), USAF Europe (USAF Europe Call Signs A-Z), US Air Force Reserve Call
Signs (USAF Reserve A to Z), USAF Logistics Command, USAF national Guard
Call Signs (USAF ANG A to Z), Civil Air Patrol, USAF Military Auxiliary
Service (USAF MARS).

Chapter 4 -- US Army (USA) Call Signs , USA General Call Signs (USA A to
Z), USA National Guard Call Signs (USA NG A to Z), USA Vessels, USA
Corps of Engineers, USA Military Auxiliary Service (USA MARS).

Chapter 5 -- US Navy Call Signs, US Navy Aircraft Modex Numbers, US Navy
Aircraft Call Signs (USN Acft A to Z), US Navy Ship International Call
Signs, US Navy Ship Tactical Call Signs, US navy Misc Call Signs/Code
Wods, US Navy-Marine Crops Military Aux Services (USN-MC MARS).

Chapter 6 --US Marine Corps Call Signs.

Chapter 7 -- US Coast Guard, USCG Aircraft Fleet List, USCG Cutters
International Call Signs, USCG Auxiliary Call Signs, USCG Shore
Installations, Misc USCG Call Signs.

Chapter 8-- US Government Call Signs CBP Cothen Radio System, ALE
Address List (Cothen A to Z), Dept of Dommerce, DOE, DHS, DOI, DOJ, Dept
Of State, Transportation, VA, DEA, EPA, FAA, FBI, FCC, FEMA, FHWA, GSA,
HHS, HUD, Misc Listings, NASA, National Communications System, USMS.

Chapter 9 Misc Call Signs, American Red Cross, US Secure, Army Aviation
Heritage Foundation, Government Civilan Contractors, Misc Civilian
Companies, MITRE, Yankee Air Force.

Chapter 10--World Wide Call Signs (Approximately 70 countries, as well
as NATO).

Chapter 11 --Aviation Mode S Identifiers, Something New in Monitoring
Military Aircraft, Mode S/ADS B Reference Guide (list of
equipment/software and other data bases), Mode S Address List (000001
thru FFFFFE) (primarily US Military and Government, also Russia, UK,
Canada, and some other countries (didn't have the time to sort this all

Chapter 12 -- Reference/Resource Guide, US Navy Ship Classifications of
various ships, USN/USMC Aviation Squadron Abbreviations, Coast Guard
Cutter Designators, International Call Sign book Abbreviation &
Acronyms (includes Country Abbreviations), Table of Allocation
(International Call Sign Series)

Ending -- About the Author, Other eBooks by this author

Recommend you all strongly consider adding this to your reference
library for readily available information!
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