RI convention center freqs

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Nov 4, 2019
Cranston, Rhode Island
I was experimenting with how far I could hear from my location so I programmed a bunch of business freqs, mostly UHF. I was surprised that I could pick up so much. One of the agencies I can hear is RICCA, the RI Convention Center. I got the frequencies from the "Scan new england wiki" website. It seems a lot of these businesses have some kind of internal repeater system in the main buildings. Not really sure how that works. Anyway I am curious if any other listeners out there also like to monitor non public safety transmissions. I basically like it mostly to see how far my antenna will hear. I live in Cranston and Providence is about 7 miles northeast of me. I attached a picture taken from the scan new england wiki page that shows the RI convention center freqs. If anybody out there has monitored this place, I noticed that the "Operations" frequency, 484.4625 is VERY noisy when transmissions come thru. The other 2 freqs, 471.8875 (sec) and 471.4375 (tickets, admission, deliveries) come in loud and clear with no noise. Does anyone know how these repeater systems work? I can also hear the Dunkin Donut Center, some hotels downtown, Roger Williams park........all sound like they have repeaters that the workers use, via walkie talkies. I know I am not real far from these places, but wonder why their systems are audible far out of their range. Anyway the noise on the RICCA operations channel almost sounds like intermod, or another transmission coming thru at the same time. I can still make out voices and what they are saying. But the noise is pretty annoying.


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