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Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus

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Dec 19, 2002
Los Altos, CA
The Ringling Brothers circus (blue tour) came through our town. I brought my daughter, and my radios. I managed to verify the frequencies for the San Jose (California) HP Pavillion Arena, and got a Close Call hit on 153.020/167.9Hz.

153.020 is licensed to Feld Entertainment (parent company of RBB&B). Feld Entertainment also does the Disney On Ice series, so you might try these frequency when this show comes to your town. Although I got a hit on 151.955, I didn't monitor it, because I didn't think they'd be working on such common itinerants.

I did a little FCC lookup and here is what I found. All of the frequencies below are licensed to Feld Entertainment on WPNR333 for nationwide usage. Only 153.020 is a 'unique' frequency. All the other frequencies are common business band (e.g. Red Dot) or available via Motorola XTN business band radios.

WPNR333	 153.0200
XTN	 151.5125
RedDot	 151.6250
XTN	 151.7000
XTN	 151.7600
XTN	 158.4000
XTN	 158.4075
BrownDot	 464.5000
XTN	 151.9250
PurpleDot	 151.9550
As of this writing, the Blue tour stops next in Stockton, Ca. I'm posting here and not in CA forum, since the shows tour nationally.



Database Admin
Dec 22, 2004
Marion/Johnson County, IN

Ringling Bros. Circus was in town this weekend for their "Zing Zang Zoom" tour. I scanned the VHF frequencies above as well as searching the VHF and UHF business bands but didn't hear any circus staff. I was in the parking lot so I cannot confirm if the staff had radios or not.

On another site, they listed hearing 153.020 and 151.955 (both 167.9) during a circus show but the report wasn't dated.
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