Road Trip - Meet n Greet

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Jul 8, 2002
Well, it's time to do some Scanning from nice High Locations and New England is a Great Place to beging.

I [and others are WELCOME !] plan on Scanning from Mt Equinox on Saturday June 12th from ?? till Close.

Show up for a little, show up for a lot.

All are welcome to join and it should be a good time to put the faces to the Images [Ascii characters] and meet some of the Scanning World Characters we have interacted with over the years.

See what others use for Mobile / Portable equipment and learn some tricks etc.

Fires/Cookouts are not allowed, but bring Drinks and Subs/Sandwiches. It's been 10 yrs since I have been up Equinox, so I don't know what is up there for facilities/tables etc

PS, for those who wonder [Significant Others are welcome to attend] My Girlfriend is my Note Taker, while driving, it helps !!

You will see this message posted other places as well, and if I forgot a list or board, pass it along and I look forward to seeing folks on the 12th.

Not open for further replies.