Rowan / Salisbury P25 Control Channel Issue

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Jun 7, 2006
Rockwell (Rowan County), NC
Just a heads up...... Our new P25 system has moved from it's regular control channel of 854.7375 to 858.2125 which isn't the normal secondary or alternate control channel. If anyone is monitoring and only has the primary control channel and alternate you may want to drop this one in there as well until it reverts back. Of course this could be the system cycling control channels as well.

On another note, 857.2125 is listed as a freq for the P25 system. Do not program this frequency in for the P25 system right now. It is currently the active control channel for our old analog system that is still in use by public works, etc. If you have it programmed in the P25 system your scanner may stop but it won't decode and you'll miss traffic. 857.2125 has been the control channel in use on the analog system since the switch over.

Let me know if you guys have any questions!!!
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