RR Sacramento Signal Hunt

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Aug 10, 2005
Sacramento County, California
There's no prize for this, it's just for fun.

Somewhere in the licensed 400 to 460 mhz range, there's a constant signal for your entertainment. You'll enjoy it if you enjoy the "classics" and music.

Please don't share the Frequency on this thread, as it ruins the fun for everyone. But feel free to share what you find, and how you're picking it up (your setup, antenna, location, etc)


Someone is testing a transmitter for an upcoming event next week. The transmitter is somewhere in North Sacramento, the antenna is on a tower so it should get some pretty good range. It's only a couple of watts, but it should reach pretty far.

This signal is being operated by it's licensee legally and they are testing the range of the simplex system, and the operator (not me ;) hehe) "accidentally" left the transmitter on for you guys! ;)

So! Post what you find (and hear) and where you are! Please don't post the frequency and spoil the fun for everyone!

The signal will be up until sometime tomorrow morning! But it'll come back here and there for the next week or so.
Not open for further replies.