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Apr 6, 2017
Orange County, CA
Evening everyone,

Was listening to Fire OC when a fire in Corona came out and ANA BC said that they would be on RRU 2 Tone 2. I found the freqs for RRU channels, but are there multiple tones they are using per freq? Is so, if anyone has a tone list, it would be appreciated.



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Mar 1, 2019
They also mentioned being on Forest Net 12. I could not find a reference to that channel.
All the handhelds used on wildland fires have about 16 groups of 16 channels each, a capacity of 256 channels. The groups are designed to meet the needs for different locations and tasks. Example the RRU might have a group for interfacing with the San Bernardino NF and another with the Cleveland National Forest. A good chunk of the northern ranger district of the Cleveland NF is in Riverside County making it necessary to have a group dedicated to that. Mobiles might have a larger channel capacity. If you hear someone say "switch to channel 7" it can be different in every one of the groups. The same frequency may be loaded into several of the groups, but assigned a different channel. Getting a copy of the Group/Channel plan is the only way to follow this. However, these plans are not public information so finding one here or there every once in awhile is the best we can do.

The San Bernardino NF's Net has assigned Tone 12 to their "Rodman" repeater. It is located southeast of Barstow in the desert. It likely provides coverage of the north slope of the San Bernardino Mountains.
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