RS 20-043 Replacement Elements

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Aug 25, 2004
Berkeley Co. WV/ Loudoun Co. VA
I bent and ultimately broke one of the longer bottom elements on my RS 20-043 Discone. I know it may not be the best antenna in some people's eyes, but after I used the SO-239 to F connector and RG-6 cable to compression F connectors, it's really pretty good. Anyway, I called Radio Shack at 800-843-7422 and went through the menu and got a lady with the name of Gail. She was awesome. I told her the item number, 20-043 and that I needed the longer elements. She verified that they were the longer ones I needed and told me the RSU was 11105178 and they were $7.99 each. I ordered two in case I break another.

Just thought I would pass along that info and that RS isn't always as bad a some claim. They may lay people off over email and the clerks in the stores don't now a resistor from a remote but Gail kicked ass. she reminded me of my mother I guess. :) I'll post if the times arrive are not what I wanted or if something else changes my opinion of them.
Not open for further replies.