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Rubber Duck for 225-400 Mhz Milair

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May 10, 2005
Euclid, Ohio
I've found that a 220 Mhz Ham Band rubber duck makes a great milair monitoring antenna for handheld scanners. I can honestly say that I found it to work a bit better than the Diamond RH77CA (which is already a good milair antenna). Although it works best in the lower end of the band, (I've heard some MILSAT's in the 260 Mhz range with this antenna on my PRO-43, NOT heard on the RH77CA) it works well up into the high 300 Mhz range as well. I bought mine a few years ago from AES, but they don't carry it anymore. I found another source below for only $15.00. I don't see why it shouldn't work as well as the one from AES.

I just wanted to pass along this information!

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