Rubber ducky/upgrade suggestions


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Nov 4, 2010
Michigan / Isabella County
I just got a new WS1040 today. After the nightmare of programming a few counties. I decided to drive around.

The stock rubber ducky did a great job. Beyond my expectations.

Anyways- do the sell upgraded ducky's that are even better? If so, any suggestions or links?


Nov 19, 2005
The Diamond RH77CA antenna is a good all around "rubber ducky" BNC antenna for the various frequencies it covers. I have several. While it is sold as a transmit antenna for amateur radio handhelds, it works well enough as a RX antenna considering its size. When I purchase a new antenna, I test it against the RH77CA. Dozens of handheld antennas later, that testing is pretty much over. I still carry the RH77CA, but the Diamond SRH320A antenna gets a mention, although it has an SMA connector.

While one should use an antenna tuned for the frequencies they want to cover, many often monitor a wide range and the Diamond RH77CA provides for that well enough. Here's the important part, I continually find the supplied antennas with scanners to be poor performers. For you, it worked beyond expectations and that is a good thing. Thus, why purchase something else? If you do, the RH77CA has an acceptable price point.

Your question has been asked countless times before. Search and you will find a plethora of responses. Enjoy the journey and what it teaches you.

Two things I have learned:
- Some of the Diamond antennas are the better of the bunch.
- Some of the Diamond antennas are also the worst I have ever purchased.


Feb 12, 2005
Fairborn, OH
Really depends on your targeted systems and what you want to monitor. As aforementioned, there are countless threads here pertaining to rubber ducks and rooftop antennas. As for rubber ducks, I have them all - Diamond, Remtronix, Austin Condor, Watsons. I favor the Condor for vhf/uhf bands, the Remtronix for 7-800mhz trunking systems. Rooftop, for overall monitoring a good (Diamond) discone covers all bands. For specific monitoring I use a directional yagi 25ft up and aimed at my local site. I use sectional (5ft) masts I got at Ace Hardware affixed to the side of my house with eave mast mounts. Pretty good system so far. Lived in Florida for 22 yrs and been thru more than my share of hurricanes and my system only suffered one antenna loss (Grove Scantenna basically disintegrated due to Hurricane Ivan and 105mph winds). Pretty solid mast system. I also have the bottom mast section seated in a concrete foundation 18 inches deep. Hope you arrive at a good decision on your own system and some other folks chime in here with their own ideas. Have fun with it!