?s re: Setting Up 996 & Reviewing Locked Out Freqs

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Apr 17, 2004
I'm in the process of setting up my 996 and I have a few questions about setting it up for milair (or any conventional system, really) monitoring and reviewing locked out freqs within groups.

First Question: My initial thoughts about setting it up went something like this:

System: Milair
Groups: VT ANG, A-10s, Huntress, Otis, Air Refueling
Each group is assigned to a quick key within the system.

Is this the best way to set up a 996? One of my wishes is to be able to quickly lock out and unlock groups as they become active and/or I lose interest in listening to a group because something more interesting comes along. It occurs to me now that I might have been smarter by setting each of those groups up as a system to start with then I could quickly lock them out or unlock them as necessary. I find wading through the menu system to lock out a group wastes time and is cumbersome.

I also have another system I've called ATC in which I've put the interesting Boston Center freqs.

My question about this is, how have you set your 996/396 up for milair monitoring? What's worked best for you?

Second question: Is there a way via the keys on the front of the 996 (not via computer software) to review frequencies in a group that are locked out and then unlock them quickly? I hunted through my 996 manual but couldn't find a way to do this except for Search/Close Call locked out freqs.

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