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Aug 6, 2012
Adelaide, South Australia
it appears with the switchover from smartzone type II to P25 phase I very soon, several agencies are using their new id for the P25 network on the type II network.

been running unitrunker the last few days and about 75% of the user id`s ive had to do the conversion of id*16 to see who it is ie: 1789816 = 28624.

there also seems to be a lot more encrypted users showing up now as well.

as the network currently stands,

TransportSA, Fisheries, SAPOL, SAAS, SA-Health are on digital and encrypted, this includes all hospitals and the rescue choppers, and there is plans down the track for all rescue services to move to encrypted as well, so this would be MFS, CFS, SES, WES, there are a few other uses using encryption but as their id`s are not in the current db there is no way to tell who they are.

The remaining users will be switching to digital only with no encryption.

A few of the freqs listed under the MPT networks for SA are now registered to the GRN for the expansion to the P25 system, which is getting little use at present as its stilll under test.
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