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Saline County Fire District 7

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May 25, 2003
Salina KS
Firefighters in Saline County District #7 now have a new vehicle to fight fires in the future. District #7, which includes I-70 and US 81 highways, have received a new Smeal Firetruck to help in their efforts to combat fires in rural areas.

Randy Weis, who helped set up the sale of the truck to the district, says acquiring the truck was a several-months-long process, but it's worth it, as he says the new truck has improved features. He says the new truck will offer firefighters better response times, especially on the highways, and he adds the new truck offers some bonuses like air conditioning, as well as increased cab space to hold six firefighters.

The old truck, a 1996 Smeal Firetruck, will stay in Saline County, as it was sold to Saline County District #6 firestation in Smolan. The new truck was delivered to District #7 on Wednesday.


Not open for further replies.