Salmon-Challis Middle Fork Net

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Mar 1, 2019
Silver Spy inquired in a Sept 2019 thread that is now closed, if the Salmon-Challis National Forest "River Net" is still on 170.4750. That thread is now closed so I started a new one to answer his question. I have a 2019 document that lists the River Net as 170.4750 out/164.8750 input. There is a notation that the input was changed to 164.8750 in 2015. I have another list dated 2017, that shows this input as 166.5625, but with the same repeater output. I think this is the current input. My information indicates 3 River Net repeaters, Long Tom, Tone 123.0; Middle Fork Peak, Tone 110.9 and Walker Ridge, Tone 167.9.

Sorry for the delayed answer, I usually don't open the Idaho forum.
Not open for further replies.