Salt lake county conventional 800 MHz

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Dec 19, 2002
Bountiful, Ut
I've recently noticed three 800 MHz conventional repeaters on the air.

854.5625 D032 WQLF850 West Valley City
858.2125 D032 WQFS791 West Valley City
858.1125 D445 WQMQ297 West Jordan City

On 854.5625, I believe they are dealing with an intermod problem. I have not heard any traffic that sounds like the city, just fragments of a trucking company dispatch, never entire calls, and never any mobile units.

WVC PD uses 858.2125 as a tac channel. Unknown what specific name they call it.

A conversation on 858.1125 between two West Jordan Public Works personnel indicated they had switched to this because their main channel was not working well.

South Jordan has built out on the frequencies covered by license WQJA549 as a backup in case of a UCAN failure, all using 123.0pl, though I believe this has been previously noticed and discussed in this forum. Draper's license WQMR603 might be worthy of further exploration, CW ID's are being heard at present.
Not open for further replies.