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San antonio 911 Outage

Dec 2, 2015
San antonio Tx 78216
San antonio 911 Center lost power
5/22/19 @ about 7:30 Pm Restored about 9pm
During this loss the dispatcher used handheld radios SAFD/SAPD

All PCs and Consoles where down
No TCIC/NCIC/Municipal Court
Warrants could be ran

SAFD had no selective call status
That's there paging of SAFD radios
SAFD Dispatched calls verbally
In hope there was open mode radio's
Going down the line till a unit answers
The call

At midnight the 911 center went down all the way *no 911 call ins where transferred to backup center

at This time of posting
we are using backup 911center (Radios/911 Center)

It been reported 911 calls went unanswered during the switch out midnight
And the 911 center may still have problems
With it's 911 calls till the reglar 911 center is back up and running
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