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San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo


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Dec 9, 2000
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Anyone know where operations for this event are held?

I've noticed every year that Industrial Communications provides radios for all security, events, etc.
Apr 3, 2018
I know I heard them say on East that rodeo has their own dedicated dispatchers. Not sure what system they'd be on.

I thought I had read somewhere that comms for rodeo were encrypted but I could be wrong.


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Dec 22, 2004
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We will probably never know if they are all on this one though. Every talkgroup is encrypted according to the database. It appears that this is primarily for the AT&T center since CAM is responsible for it, but it is possible that Freeman Coliseum and Expo are tied in to this.


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Jan 1, 2005
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I did go to the Rodeo followed by the Alabama 50th year Anniversary concert back on Valentines Feb 14, 2019.
Lindsay, I did not see your post until a few days after I went or I would have verified comms while there onsite.
But last night and also today I was mobile and in RX range and verified that Stock Show and Rodeo operations
are still carried on the same analog voice LTR Passport system I documented them using during the 2018 rodeo.
This ATT Center mounted TRS is 40w and only has 38ft antenna height so system coverage area is very limited.
Last year I submitted system updates to the RRDB and I appropriately re-titled system to convey radio end users.
The Rodeo and Freeman coliseum grounds staff are the primary users. I think they own their radios not rent, etc.
This system was installed by Industrial Communications and I hear was part of their Passport TRS that had 7 sites.
Rumor has it that when an ATT center security guard friend of mine discovery using his scanner in conventional
FM RX mode that there were many other citywide Passport users roaming and affiliating onto their owned site
they complained to Industrial Communications and they spun off their site that now has no site neighbors, etc.
The ATT Center Passport Site# is 53 and the other 5 remaining networked Ind Comm Sites are 51,52,54,55 & 56.
Most of the Rodeo comms were carried on the control channel of 461.5125, but other freqs mainly when cc busy.

ATT Center and Freeman Coliseum Complex

FYI - I also heard TG# 6686689 the most followed by TG# 6686688 but since all the comms on this DMR T3 TRS
are encrypted who knows what the subject matters were actually. This system is more busy during Spurs games.
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