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Jan 1, 2005
San Antonio, Texas
No Ham Store - just a CB Shop and an Electronics Store !

Don't know if this store is still open, but you might give it a try. I found the info on a Yahoo! search.

New Ham Store Opens in San Antonio | San Antonio Repeater Organization

I'm sorry to report that the Grumpy's Ham Store will not be an option for you when you visit San Antonio, Texas as it closed 2 years ago.
Gary Stock, WF5Y, (Grumpy) died 9/26/2014 on the operating table today. He went in to have a artery stint put in place
and did not make it through the operation. His store was closed end of Sept 2014,etc.

San Antonio Hams » Blog Archive » SK – Gary Stock, WF5Y, aka “Grumpy” – 09/26/2014

If you want to visit a local CB Shop then perhaps you might check out this link below for more info.

Clays Radio Shop Home Page

Further, if you want to see a rare sight these days stop by an actual electonics parts store and browse !
Intertex Electronics has been in business for 26 years located at 1200 W Hildebrand Ave,San Antonio,TX
We are open Monday through Thursday 8:30am to 5pm and on Fridays we close early at 4pm to clean.
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