San Diego Red Bull Air Race 2017

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Oct 31, 2004
San Diego, CA
Went and checked out Red Bull Air Race 2017 qualifying today. Freaking awesome!!!

I spent most of the time listening to "Race Control" (temporary tower set up in the Embarcadero) and pilot to ATC transmissions, but the Marine Band was abuzz with activity as well.

Race Control - 120.35 MHz AM

I also heard some air to air type traffic on 123.15 MHz, but never finished identifying it.

The race planes are being hangared at San Diego Brown Field, and after takeoff they're handed off to NAS North Island's tower (whose Class D airspace overlies the course). North Island tower puts them in a visual holding pattern over the South Bay and then hands them off to Race Control. After the race is done, the pilot is handed back to North Island tower, and then back to Brown tower.

135.10 MHz AM - NAS North Island Tower
128.25 MHz AM - Brown Field Tower

If anyone else makes it to the race tomorrow, feel free to post your findings here!
Not open for further replies.