San Leandro CA - 2020 HazMat Plan


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Apr 19, 2005
3,193 - 269 page plan - includes mutual aid agreements and some radio channels etc

- mutual aid units are given San Leandro 800 Mhz portable radios by "Staging Officer"

- San Leandro "A-10" talkgroup = "B-10" TG on Alameda County FD (ACFD) radios = contact channel for City EOC and interops channel for San Leandro City units

- ACFD HazMat Team uses VHF radios


The incident commander shall coordinate communication during the incident by dedication of tactical channels to the different group supervisors as required, i.e., Command Staff, Operations, Haz Mat Group Supervisor, Medical Group Supervisor, etc.

The primary means of communications is initially the 800 MHz radio system. Initial units are assigned to a tactical channel per dispatch instruction. Interagency communications utilize the State white channel (154.280). Responding agencies may be given a San Leandro 800 MHz portable radio when assigned to the incident. The staging officer will supply radios as required. The Incident Commander will assign the tactical channel.

Alternate communication includes use of the State white channel (154.280) and separate operations use the white 2-channel (154.265) or white 3 (154.295). Fire Department Operations and Command may communicate with the City Emergency Operations or other City Departments on the City A-10 channel (channel B-10 on ACFD radios). The ACFD Hazardous Materials Team may communicate with each other on VHF radios.

The Deputy Chief is responsible for roll call of ACFD personnel. Roll call takes place with the 800 MHz radio system by using either normal power and channels, emergency power and normal channels, or emergency power and "talk assured" channels.

On-duty ACFD company officers and ES staff are provided with cellular phones. Each piece of apparatus and ACFD administrative staff are also provided with cellular phones.


Mar 19, 2015
Reno NV
Sorry I forgot years ago the 3 Whites where the White Fire Channels. That are now called V-Fire 21,22,23. Stupid people in San Leandro Fire/EOC not coming in to the Fold and calling them by the Right Names