SanZuco FTAN40A


Sep 15, 2023
I bought a Sanzuco FTAN40A for my in-laws to use between my father's Woodshop and their living room. so his wife could call out to him.
I found the frequency that it uses (467.6125) but there are three Privacy Codes that the device can use (A - B - C) I think this is the root of why I can not get the radios to talk.
Sanzuco -> Radioddity/Baufeng

I have programmed my Radioddity R2 and Baufeng radio to that frequency. When I hit the call button on the Sanzuco. I can hear the call on my Radioddity/ Baufeng but when I hit the talk button All I can get is squealing while the talk button is pressed.

I have downloaded CHIRP and I begun messing with settings on there. If I use Tone Mode TSQL/ DTCS my radios light up when I hit either Call or Talk...but I don't get any sound (squealing) to come over.

I am not sue if I am going into the right direction or not? but my thought was to do every combo of tone Mode & Tone Squelch and DTCS / DTCS Polarity to see if I can find the right combo that will allow me to use all the devices together.

Does anyone have an insight that might help me with this task?