Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network:

Feb 3, 2015
Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network:

WHAT IS IT? When a detachment becomes aware of an incident or crime, they can issue an advisory via the system, and anyone who has signed up for the program will become aware of what happened within minutes! The system will send the advisory to your smartphone or landline, via text message, email, or text to voice (depending on your own preference).

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Signing up to be part of the network is free and only takes a few minutes. You choose which RCMP detachment area(s) you want to receive notifications from (one or multiple), and how you want to receive them – whether it be via text message, email, a text to voice phone call or the app. Note, an app is available, but it is not required. Even residents who only have a landline can sign up and receive the advisories.

Visit to sign up