Saskatchewan Highway Transport Patrol

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Nov 21, 2011
I have been using Pro96com data that I have gathered to try to understand the HTP Encrypted TalkGroups on PPSTN.

The HTP has 4 Provincial Regional offices
Each Region has it's own TalkGroup
North West Region - Saskatoon (TG#6079)
North East Region - Yorkton (TG#6080)
South East Region - Regina (TG#6081)
South West Region - Swift Current (TG#6082)

When Members from different regions come together there will be SuperGroup patches put in place so that these members can communicate.

HTP also has a Tactical TalkGroup # 6083.
HTP Transport Investigation Unit also has a TalkGroup #6069

See the zip files for the data

I would like to thank member ve5wil for sending me a large amount of his Pro96com data. This was very helpful Wil.

If there are any other Sask members running the Pro96com program on PPSTN please save your data and send it to my email. Thanks
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