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SC4 file syntax and switches ??


Jul 3, 2003
Now with a boatload of documentation, I was thinking of creating my own SC4 files.
These seem to be a spinoff of CSV format but don't know the various switches and addressing data.
Thought I would play with my KMC 500M now that I can do something with it.
I know these files can do a lot more than just shifting bandsplits. Someone posted a link to a PDF but a dead link. Yahoo groups had info but they no longer exist.
Already see the '//' are comments, '(whitespace) /' is a field separator. Guessing 'FREQTBL' sets a frequency table. Then a switch for frequency. Next field is an address for a byte ( in line sequence) . then a field of hex byte from decimal converted frequency.
Seems these files will work with any radio programmer/RPM will enable SC4 files.
Anyone have such documentation ? don't need files, looking to 'roll your own'.


John McClane
Nov 20, 2003
Nakatomi Plaza
RPM uses SC5

Here's an example SC4......

// M7100 450-512 MHz over to Amateur use
// Moves RX/TX-TA base frequency from 450 MHz to 440 MHz
//tx freq
FREQTBL /f /b0 /=1A
FREQTBL /f /b1 /=39
FREQTBL /f /b2 /=DE
FREQTBL /f /b3 /=00
//rx freq
FREQTBL /f /b4 /=1A
FREQTBL /f /b5 /=39
FREQTBL /f /b6 /=DE
FREQTBL /f /b7 /=00
// talkaround freq
FREQTBL /f /b8 /=1A
FREQTBL /f /b9 /=39
FREQTBL /f /bB /=00

SC files were designed for individual customers that needed something special or to fix things until a patch or new firmware version could be introduced. They were used for a couple things but primarily for hams to use 150-174 equipment on 144-148, or 440-470 to cover 430-460..


Jul 3, 2003
Hey, thank you. I know about the ham mods, what I don't know is how to determine the 3rd field that(concluding) is an address of sort.
The big book says sc4 (sc5) is also used for functions and features not directly supported by programmer or RPM.
In the ham community it is claimed just changing the file extension (IE: sc5 to sc4) it works.
Main reason for the ask is I have an Orion with a flaky squelch. I need 15 to get over the high noise level here (S9) and changing any other mode, it reverts to 1. Thought an sc4 may fix that, programmer wont.
The hierarchy of these files is a lot like CSV that I am familiar with.
No, Ericsson does NOT like hams didling with their radios but the sc4 opened a back door for that.