Scan Charleston Is Now On Line!

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Jan 30, 2005
Summerville, SC
Scan Charleston is now on line full time at:

We would like to welcome everyone to the new Scan Charleston website. was started by a former volunteer firefighter that still likes to keep up with local events.

Scan Charleston is currently scanning Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester counties of South Carolina.

We are presently streaming live the following public services:
Charleston City FD
Charleston City PD
North Charleston FD
North Charleston PD
Goose Creek FD
Goose Creek PD
Summerville FD
Summerville PD
Berkeley County Sheriff
Dorchester County Sheriff
South Carolina Highway Patrol
All Known Hospital to EMS Channels

We are streaming all of these feeds as a single feed using a single scanner. We are presently in the process of purchasing additional hardware to enable us to separate all of these into single feeds. Stay tuned for further updates.

We are also interested in hearing from users of our system as to what they would like to hear. As we are able to add additional hardware, we would like to add channels like air traffic, ham radio, etc.

For those who don't know: Charleston County has recently switched over to the new APCO-25 digital system, and we are unable to listen to their system at this time. But be patient, this capability is coming soon to this site.

We are also looking for volunteers in the Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester as well as other counties of South Carolina that would be interested in helping to add new streams and to keep the content fresh on the site. If you or anyone you know might be interested, please contact the administrator of Scan Charleston for more info.


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Dec 19, 2002
Florida Coast
Thanks for your efforts. Sound great. Its about time someone got a Carolina Coastal Scanner on line !
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