Scan New England Website Issues

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Scan New England Janitor/Maintenance
Database Admin
Oct 27, 2002
Marstons Mills, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Scan New England is in the midst of a considerable meltdown that by all signs is the result of an even larger meltdown on the part of the webhost, 1&1. I noticed about a week ago that things were considerably slowing down, and a few days after that started getting numerous error message emails generated by SNE's vBulletin forums software. All have had the common message:

MySQL Error : MySQL server has gone away
Error Number : 2006

As I've researched further I've found that apparently I'm not alone, and that a widespread issue with 1&1 is in progress. Their technical support is about as bad as it gets thus far; perhaps they're just overwhelmed by the volume of problems but it really is atrocious. I certainly made no changes to the website that would facilitate such a meltdown. I thought it may have been hacked, but as I research further I'm 99 and 44/100's % sure that's not the problem.

So....the forums are hosed, the Wiki isn't much better, and we're down until 1&1 decides to do something about it, or I demand our money back (I just paid for 3 more years of hosting less than two weeks ago) and move to another host.

And so it goes.....just FYI if anyone's wondering what happened. :D
Not open for further replies.